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Established in 2017, Pokhara Bird Society is non-profitable, Non-Governmental Organization legally registered at District Administration office, Kaski. PBS is the leading organization in Kaski, focusing on the conservation of birds, their habitats and sites. It seeks to promote interest in birds amongst the general public, encourage research on birds, promote livelihood through birdwatching ecotourism and identify major threats to birds’ continued survival. We provide scientific data and expertise on birds for the Government of Nepal.


Our work started since 2011 initiating birdwatching programs in and around Pokhara Valley. PBS is a membership-based organization with Founder President, patrons, life members, general members, enthusiastic birders, naturalist, photographers students and several supporters’ from national and international level.


PBS aims to create awareness amongst local stakeholders about the sustainable conservation of birds and their habitat. We also monitor the current status of the birds in the region. Our commitment always targets to show the value of birds and their special relation with the people promoting birdwatching programs weekly every Saturday.